Summery Olja

Last time I was photographing Olja in winter. We made some fairytale magic in my favorite forest and had so much fun. This time she wanted something different. Like a photoshoot early in the morning. She went to have her makeup and hair done at 2am and we started shooting at 4am in Tallinn city center and finished with a magnificent sunrise in Tallinn Old Town. Did I mention that Olja had not slept for two days when coming to the photoshoot?! Well, she still rocked the show 🙂_K5A0576_K5A0597_K5A0561_K5A0587_K5A0581_K5A0614_K5A0642_K5A0648_K5A0652_K5A0654_K5A0658_K5A0666_K5A0688_K5A0689_K5A0707_K5A0722_K5A0723_K5A0737_K5A0749_K5A0755_K5A0793_K5A0820_K5A0839_K5A0842_K5A0857_K5A0872_K5A0823

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